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Announcing the OCF's board!

2020-08-06cdkpartitions.ioforumhelp Matthew Bonig @mattbonig

For the last few months I’ve been trying to be a good member of the community by being active on the Gitter and on various Slack channels. But, it has become very hard to have on-going conversations about specific issues and questions. Threads in Slack and Gitter aren’t forced so they often don’t get used. Issues on Github often have good technical discussions, but isn’t really the place for general questions. I quickly scanning messages in Gitter and Slack and trying to discern if there is some way I can help or answer questions. But lately, it feels like I’m playing whack-a-mole with unread counts more than helping.

For the CDK community to thrive I believe it will require good community interaction. This is why I originally created the OCF, to hopefully be a central place for good information.

I’d like to introduce you to The Open Construct Foundation’s board for the construct community!

The first version of the OCF website was not good. I hated it from day one and launched it only to check-off a goal for 2019. This new blog format feels better, but I knew it was always going to fall short of the original OCF goals. I’ve been keeping my eye open for new options.

Back at the end of July, I got an unsolicited email about a system called I was mostly impressed with the boldness and focus of the email (this isn’t an email address I generally toss around). I felt the extra effort deserved a look at the tour of the product.

I was about 3 minutes in when I knew I wanted it. I signed up, played around and loved the feel. I replied to Jacob Comer immediately. I knew I wanted this for the CDK but it was going to need a couple tweaks to work.

And boy, oh boy, did Jacob come through! He took some feedback and quickly made some changes to allow it to be a community-focused product. He has graciously provided the CDK community a board to use!

Whether you’re using the AWS CDK, cdk8s, or the new terraform-cdk, my hope is you’ll sign up and contribute to the community.

Ask questions and answer others when you can. Share solutions and be kind to everyone.

Thank you.