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Testing your CDK code

2020-01-31testingconstruct development Matthew Bonig @mattbonig

Testing your CDK code

There are a lot of good resources regarding testing your code. Start with some in the official docs.

Additional ways of testing

The above link shows the most common ways to test your CDK code, either through snapshots or the haveResource functions.

Sometimes, though, you need to get more “in the weeds”. Since the CDK is an object-based API, it’s easy to just evaluate those objects.

Let’s say you have created a CodePipeline.Pipeline object that uses an S3DeployAction to push built files to an S3 bucket. Here’s one way you can test to make sure those files will be deployed with private ACLs:

test('deploys to s3 bucket with private when cert set', () => {
    // get the test stack
    const stack = createTestStack();

    // find the Pipeline object
    const pipeline = stack.node.findChild('pipeline') as Pipeline;

    // get the third stage actions
    const deployActions = pipeline.stages[2].actions;

    // get the first action, cast it to an S3DeployAction
    const deployAction = deployActions[0] as S3DeployAction;

    // expect the ACL to be private.
    // @ts-ignore

Notice in this case I’m doing a @ts-ignore to prevent errors regarding the access of private variables.

test('Topic was created', () => {
    const testStack = getStack();
    const topic: Topic = testStack.node.findChild('notifications') as Topic;

Be mindful that you don’t want to go too far into the underlying API for the Construct. These are implementation details that might change in future versions which could cause failures in the future.

That being said, this can be a last choice “release valve” for testing aspects of your code that can’t be easily tested using other means.