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Upgrading your CDK code

2020-04-30cliupgrading Matthew Bonig @mattbonig

The CDK is rapidly changing with minor version releases hitting every few days.

If you’re actively developing against the CDK with Typescript you’ve probably ran into this error:

error TS2345: Argument of type 'this' is not assignable to parameter of type 'Construct'.

and it usually comes after you just installed an AWS CDK module like @aws-cdk/aws-ec2. But why?

The CDK modules have a hard dependency on the core module. If your core (and other CDK modules) are all on version 1.34.1 and 1.35.0 is released, then an npm install -s @aws-cdk/aws-ec2 will install 1.35.0, creating a break and exhibiting this error.

The CDK is actively working on addressing this issue.

Until then, you will need to make sure all your cdk modules are the same version. This can usually be done by running:

$ npm update

If this doesn’t update your packages it’s probably because you have a pinned version:

    "@aws-cdk/core": "1.35.0"